There are a number of other times when the advice of a breast surgeon is needed.


Often after surgery to one breast, the natural difference between a ladies left and right sides becomes more significant.  This may lead to a need for symmetrisation surgery, such as a reduction, augmentation or reshaping with lipofilling.  These procedures give enormous confidence and help to disguise the effects that surgery has had.

Revisional Surgery

Breasts, like the rest of us, change shape over time. When you have had surgery such as breast reconstruction or an augmentation, over time the shapes change and can distort.  Scarring can alter the texture and appearance of a breast and radiotherapy can cause thickening of the capsules around implants.  Each of these occur to varying degrees in different individuals.  The challenge is to find solutions to make ladies feel more comfortable and feminine again and Ms de Sousa will focus on the specific requirements that these often complex issues present.

Nipple changes

While most women take little notice of their nipples, we notice immediately when there is a problem.  Nipple inversion can be simply a natural process, but because it can also be associated with more sinister problems, always needs investigation.  Occasionally, ladies ask for surgical correction (eversion).

Nipple discharge likewise requires investigation and sometimes single or total duct removal in order to exclude cancer.

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