Ms de Sousa understands how significant breasts can be to a woman’s self-image, sexuality and self-confidence.  Cosmetic breast surgery is a choice to improve one-self and should be a life-enhancing event.  It is important to choose a surgeon who is knowledgeable, sympathetic, technically capable and realistic in setting expectations and goals with you.  The surgeon should cover the risks as well as the benefits of each procedure with you.  As a female breast surgeon, Ms de Sousa focuses on helping you to achieve your goals, to give you the most natural and beautiful appearance possible.

Breast Augmentation/ Enlargement

Breast size and shape changes with age, weight, pregnancy and breast feeding.  Some women never fully develop and others have marked differences between their breasts.  Augmentation uses silicone implants placed behind the breast tissue to increase the volume of the breast.  Some uplift occurs with this procedure, but often a separate uplift (mastopexy ) operation is required. Implants can be round or tear-drop shaped, and placed under or over the chest muscle.  There are several incision options, but Ms de Sousa prefers a short line in the crease beneath the breast.  Ms de Sousa will discuss the most appropriate options suitable for you in your consultations, prior to coming to a treatment plan.  There is always a few weeks between discussions and decisions, to ensure you have had all your concerns addressed.  The procedure can sometimes be combined with a mastopexy if required.

Breast reduction / Reduction Mastopexy

Some ladies struggle with large breasts for much of their lives, coping with grooves on their shoulders and postural problems.   Others are conscious that they would like to have a reduced volume early in their twenties.  The procedure reduces the size and improves the shape of the breasts, involving incisions around the nipples, vertically down to the breast crease and sometimes horizontally hidden within the crease.  The nipple is lifted into a new position during the operation and so it can have implications for those still considering breastfeeding in the future.  Ms de Sousa will explore your hopes and expectations with you, to help arrive at the most suitable procedure for you.

Mastopexy /Breast Lift

Often, there is no desire for smaller or larger breast, but the shape is too droopy.  This operation reshapes the breast and removes excess skin that has been stretched from ageing, during pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

Asymmetry Surgery

Some ladies have breasts that are different shape and size from each other.  They are more like “sisters” than “twins”. If you are concerned about these differences, the operations above are used to help to make them match more closely. This can be a very rewarding and life-enhancing procedure, giving ladies significant amounts of self-confidence.  Ms de Sousa will discuss options and possibilities with you, as well as explaining the limitations and setting realistic expectations.

Lipofilling / Fat grafting

This procedure is often used alongside those mentioned above.  It involves harvesting fat from around the trunk and legs and reinjecting it around the breast, to change the shape.  Multiple procedures are needed for significant volume changes to occur, but it is a very good method of improving shape, skin texture and refining other methods of breast surgery.

Revisional Surgery

Breasts, like the rest of us, are dynamic and change shape over time. When you have had surgery such as  an augmentation, over time the shapes change and can distort.  Scarring can alter the texture and appearance of a breast and the capsules around implants become thickened.  Each of these occur to varying degrees in different individuals.  The challenge is to find solutions to make ladies feel more comfortable and feminine again and Ms de Sousa will focus on the specific requirements that these often complex issues present.

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