Although rare, breast cancer can also occur in men and new lumps or skin changes on the chest wall should be investigated.  The management usually involves surgery and other (adjuvant) treatments may be recommended.  As an expert in the management of all breast disease, Ms de Sousa will assess any new symptoms in men as she does for women and guide you through the appropriate therapies.

Gynaecomastia / Breast reduction

The increasing problem of “man boobs” occasionally has a hormonal or medication-related cause, but more often than not, no cause is found.  The male breast tissue grows behind the nipple together with a layer of fat.  The problem can be embarrassing and restrict life-style, especially if self-conscious on holiday or at the swimming pool.  Once underlying causes have been addressed, the surgery to treat it involves liposuction and removal (excision) of the breast glandular tissue causing the problem.  Ms de Sousa will discuss the risks and benefits of the operation to help you decide if it is right for you.

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